SPR7 Hits Streets; Springhouse 2 Due 7/1; Events Include SLS, KGB, CLMP, PEN and DISQUIET

St. Petersburg Review 7 has arrived in its final form and is on its way in June/July to contributors, subscribers, and bookstores. We strive to make every issue of SPR a book one would like to keep on one's bookshelf and, because of our perfectionism, we seem to always encounter printing issues -- however, this inevitably results in a superior product.

Gint Aras Reviews Dragomoshchenko

In my study and enjoyment of literature, I feel I have never found a writer (with the possible exception of Gertrude Stein) who wrote hoping readers would not understand what they were doing. Some of them—Faulkner and James Joyce, for example—place demands on their readers, but they’re not doing it to be incomprehensible.